LE CORBUSIER ROUTE. Journey through the architect’s life and work

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It is undeniable that Le Corbusier was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, and the best way to know more about him is visiting his work.  Therefore, today I will show you the Le Corbusier Route, a journey through the life and work of the architect. Not only will it take us to his home town, but also to very famous buildings such as his chapel in Ronchamp.

Le Corbusier Route travels through part of France and Switzerland

So let’s start with the second architecture guide, the well-known Le Corbusier Route [see first architecture guide in Philadelphia]. We used our Easter holidays for the trip, so we had only 9 days for visiting more than a dozen buildings by this architect.
We travelled by car from Barcelona to Lyon, where we first visited Le Couvent de la Tourette. Nevertheless, the route could start from any of the other big cities, renting a car and saving some hours on the road.

Instead of writing about our vacation in detail, here you have the information of our tour so you can build up your own Le Corbusier Route. Below you can see all the Architectural Visits we did, that were mostly by the architect. Besides, I have also included other points of interest, which whether they are related with Le Corbusier or not, they are worth visiting.

Note that some buildings or places below are shown in a different color. Click on them to join my visit, and then you will know more about the history and architecture of the place.

How to use this architecture guide

Before moving to the list of works and places, you may want some tips for using the attached map above. You can save it in your Google maps, navigate over it and share it as many times as you wish. A blue line marks the route we followed by car, and it connects the cities that we visited and where we stayed overnight. On the tour you can find our Architectural Visits and points of interest, which in some occasions were far away from the itinerary.

Finally, here you have my Le Corbusier Route. After remembering all the places and the visits we did, I realized I urgently need a vacation.

Architectural Visits in Le Corbusier Route

Points of Interest

  • Colmar
  • Saint-Ursanne
  • Birthplace of Le Corbusier, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • First architecture office of Le Corbusier, La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Ginebra
  • Annecy
  • Théâtre antique d’Orange, Orange

Main cities in the route [overnight]

  • Lyon, Francia
  • Belfort, Francia
  • Neuchâtel, Suiza
  • Lausanne, Suiza
  • Orange, Francia

If you have any question or you would like to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to leave a comment. Even better, I would love to know your experience if you decide to undertake this interesting journey.

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