Hi! My name is Helena, and I run Architectural Visits.

helena-ariza-nycI am an architect, from Barcelona, and I love traveling and photography. In 2015 I decided to fulfill a dream, so I left my job in Barcelona to start an adventure in the United States. I spent the first months in Chicago, and I finally moved to New York.

Since then, I live and work in Manhattan, but I seize any opportunity to travel. I am always willing to get on a plane, and if the destination is Barcelona, ​​Chicago or New York -the cities where I can be with my beloved ones- I can’t be happier.

About Architectural Visits

I launched this space as a personal diary in 2013. Here I share my experiences and research on architecture works that have brought something interesting or special to me, and which I think are well worth visiting.

I try to bring architecture closer to everybody in an “easy” way, and thus encourage the interest for it.


Architectural Visits is the place for travel and architecture lovers

If you like traveling and you are interested in architecture, you have come to the right place. My goal is to help you prepare your next trips and visits based on my own experiences and learning. Likewise, in case you can’t enjoy these places by yourself, I want to take you there virtually.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to make you discover new and exciting places!

During all this time I have learned a lot -and enjoyed even more- with each of the visits. I can be completely absorbed discovering those works that interest me, especially when I can take my time, with no rush.

I also love preparing trips. I always try to make the most of every destination, so I get as much information as I can and do my best to organize the route thoroughly.

And finally, as you can imagine, my camera is always with me. Photography proves me that one can look at things in many different ways, and I see everything clearer through my lens. 


My purpose is to take you on a journey to the best architectural works.

Thanks for joining me. 😉

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