Guía Repsol Interview. Where does a young architect travel?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | news, press

Excerpt from the interview published in Guía Repsol on September 16, 2020, by Javier Martínez Mansilla.

[…] “Formerly, architects looked for the wow effect”; “Now there will be no architecture without thinking of sustainability.” “We are going to see how cities give more space to people and the car loses importance, how nature returns to urban space and our houses are better related to the outside.” Jaime García, Juan Carlos Medina and Helena Ariza are three young architects with a lot to say in today’s world. […]

[…] Another concern of the technical community is the need for architecture to take part of the landscape. “In Spain (and elsewhere) some cities have become victims of industrialization and the automobile”, comments Helena Ariza, an architect from Barcelona based in New York since 2015. In addition to collaborating with the development of different buildings in Manhattan, she runs the blog Architectural Visits, where she proposes different routes to discover the architecture of a destination that is not usually mentioned in travel guides. “Our homes have disconnected from the outside and nature. This has to change”, says Ariza. […]


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