Chicago from the air

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This is not one of my best pictures of Chicago, but it is the last one I took last summer. And when I see it, I wonder: Who doesn’t like sitting near the window in an airplane? This is the only way to enjoy these amazing views, and if you have your camera, you can even catch the moment!

I have to admit that I didn’t have my camera ready, and that is why the image is so dark. Actually, you cannot imagine how the original photo looks like. That day, there was a light fog which didn’t help at all, but, even so, I thought it was worth posting it. It could be one of the very few instances to enjoy the spectacular skyline of Chicago.

Chicago and its interesting architecture

If you are lucky enough to live in the Windy City or at least have visited it, you will identify many places in the picture. The Willis and Hancock Towers, Millenium and Lincoln Parks… And depending on where you live, even your house!
If, however, you have never been there, you should be already booking your flight tickets for your next vacation. But of course, don’t forget choosing your seat near the window!


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