You might be interested in knowing what this space is and who is behind it.
My name is Helena, and I am an architect with plenty of projects and dreams in mind. One of these is this blog, where I will try to transmit my inquisitiveness by means of the places that have brought something interesting to me, and which I think is well worth visiting.

To that end, I fundamentally make use of three ingredients that I really like, and without which this space would not be possible: my interest in Architecture, which is also my profession; the curiosity to discover new places and different cultures, that leads me to travel as much as I can; and my love of photography, the means I use for trying to capture the essence of what surrounds me.

This space has not high ambitions or expectations, it only wants to take Architecture closer to everybody and encourage the interest for it. This could also be considered as a travel notebook, and be useful to organize some visits during your holidays or free time, in order to discover new places that otherwise some people would not enjoy visiting.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for stopping here and I hope you will enjoy my Architectural Visits.