The Robie House and Wright’s 150th birthday

Robie House Wright prairie style

[One Week One Pic-k] Today is the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, and here you have the Robie House to celebrate it. As I told you in my post about the Home-Studio in Oak Park, I visited many of his building while I was in Chicago. Of them all, this house was the most […]

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FLORIDA ROAD TRIP. Much more than sun and sand


 If the United States has anything that I love, it is the variety of places to visit. You can either spend a summer surrounded by snow or celebrate Christmas Eve wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Today’s road trip will take us to the second destination, because if you have to spend Christmas away from […]

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 The map that you can see here shows a selection of the best Architectural Visits that I have done up to date. I wish I could do a post for each of them, but I cannot find enough time… However, I would like to share them with you. All are a must-see for architecture […]

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PHILADELPHIA. An architectural getaway


Philadelphia is the city of important architects such as Louis Kahn or Robert Venturi. Not only can we see here some of their work, but we can also find many other interesting buildings which are well worth visiting. In our 4 days getaway to the city, we tried to make the most of our time. […]

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The Maison Blanche, the first house by Le Corbusier

Maison Blanche Le Corbusier

[One Week One Pic-k] Le Corbusier designed his first house as an independent architect being only 25 years old, The Maison Blanche. Also known as villa Jeanneret-Perret, it is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, his home town in Switzerland which we visited in our Le Corbusier Route.

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